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A characteristic of certain media resulting from the desire for total, full experience of the form. In cases of hypermediation, the medium of choice is not obscured - rather it is amplified, celebrated, and embraced to its full potential- even to the point of subversion.

The 20th century letterist dada scrawl of D.A. Levy (1) and the formal experimentation of electronic musician n-prolenta (2) both embrace the mechanics of communicating with the written word and uttered sound to experiment with their respective media horizons. Levy uncouples the typewriter’s affinity with clarity through representation of clear lines by producing hypergraphics, offering in his poetry an illegible yet unignorable para-linguistic trace of the author. N-prolenta utilizes the flexibility of the Digital Audio Workstation to process samples in a way that produces severe, hypnotic, and discombobulating tracks that

So what of the internet as a medium? The hyperlink itself could be seen as the essence of the web, and its existence can definitely be augmented. This essence is praised by web pages that appear overloaded with conduits for connectivity in the form of links, swiping at the sublime magnitude of possible relationships.

1 Levy, D. A.

2 https://soundcloud.com/n-prolenta/robyn-macoy